Helen Keller has long been a source of great inspiration in my life. I remember reading for the first time her recounting of the moment she realized that she had the power to bring meaning to her life. She wrote, “W-A-T-E-R… that single word lifted my spirit and filled my soul-there were barriers still, it is true, but barriers that in time which could be swept away.”

Many years ago, I established Clarity as my private practice to help people awaken within themselves the power to change their own lives.

Clarity is dedicated to assisting people just like you awaken to your power to bring more meaning to your life. Clarity offers Individual, Couples, Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy. Clarity also is a Collaborative Divorce Practice and can provide you with an experienced and skilled Divorce Coach and Child Specialist. Mediation and Parent Coordination is also available for pre and post decree divorce cases. Clarity gratefully welcomes Active Duty/Families and Veterans.


Let Clarity help you to turn toward change, renew your strength and help you and your family see more clearly your limitless possibilities!